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Dental Tips 

for Managing 

Your Trick-or-Treater's Loot

After Halloween, many parents will be wondering, "What do we do with all this candy?"  Left up to the child, surely they would choose to ingest as much as possible.  As a parent, we would try anything to avoid this normal behavior.

We know that too much candy can make children feel ill and cause fluctuations in blood sugar.  Besides weight concerns and blood sugar issues, parents may also be concerned with the effects of sugar on their child's teeth.  When sugar is placed in the mouth, bacteria take up the sugar and produce an acid leading to tooth breakdown and decay.

Here are some tips to minimize candy's effects:

  • After eating candy, have the child drink some water or if they are older, chew a sugar-free piece of gum.
  • Set limits to the amount of candy they can have at a time.
  • Don't allow children to have candy on an empty stomach.  Try offering it to them only after a meal.
  • Substitute candy for non-food treats like stickers, toys, or small games.

Other ideas to manage your excessive candy supply:
  • Go through the candy with your child, allowing them to keep what they like.  You can recycle the remaining candy by sending it out the door with other trick or treaters.
  • Freeze the candy and use it as a treat over the next few months.  You can use the leftover candy in cookies, cakes, or as cupcake toppers for an added design.
  • If you have a child with an upcoming birthday, stuff the leftover candy in a pinata or melt it down for a chocolate fondue.
  • A good option many doctors and dentists are involved with is "Operation Shoebox" that sends candy overseas to troops serving our country.  Check your local paper for participating offices.

Hopefully using these tips, you and your family enjoy Halloween just a little more!  TRICK-OR-TREAT...............

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